Oust MOC 7 Speed Bearings


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The Oust MOC 7 Speed bearing was designed specifically for speed and maneuverability under extreme skateboard conditions. After hundreds of hours of research on vertical, technical, street and slalom, the problems and the needed solutions were realized. A skateboard bearing had to be designed that would accept torsional loads caused by carving, pumping and four wheel slides and maintain its speed. The Oust MOC 7 Speed design is far beyond all of the other bearing designs in existence today including ceramic and mini bearing. All OUST Bearings come lubricated from the factory with MET-OL Synthetic speed oil. All MOC Series bearings should be lubricated every 6 hours of use with MET-OL Synthetic speed oil. When skating slalom, down hill racing or distance racing the bearings should be lubed every 2 hours of racing. (Copied from the Oust Website*)

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